Steyr Scout Rifle .308 or .223


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The Steyr rifle is the only rifle to meet all of Cooper’s original requirements to be called a “Scout.” It weighs 6.6 pounds, has an overall length of 38.9 inches and is chambered in .308 Win. It has an exceptional trigger that is user-adjustable and has the smoothest-cycling bolt of the Scouts tested.

Some of the unique features of the Steyr rifle are the continuous top rail that runs the length of the action and fore-end and the application of alternate materials in its construction. The continuous top rail makes it easy to mount a scope traditionally or forward of the receiver. Steyr’s use of polymers and aluminum keeps the weight down, so the largest steel parts on it are the barrel and bolt. The bolt has two lugs and a Sako-style extractor.

The rifle carries two five-round magazines at all times, one feeding the rifle under the receiver and the other in reserve at the toe of the stock. It is set up to accept the Ching Sling right out of the box. While all Scout rifles are light and recoil more than we’re used to with the .308, the Steyr’s stock did the best job of making the recoil manageable during bench testing.

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These rifles have threaded muzzles, however they threaded them in the European standard of 1/2X20. Unfortunately, nothing firearm related in the US uses that thread pitch. Extensive search revealed that no one makes an adapter for this either. We now offer an adapter that goes from 1/2X20 to 5/8×24 to handle standard .30 caliber accessories such as muzzle brakes or suppressors. This unit is built with no flats so it blends very well with the contour of the barrel resulting in nice aesthetics as well as functionality. It is installed and removed using two jam nuts which are included.   These can be purchased from the ProShop for $95.